We are proud to introduce our newest sponsor, GoCalPromos. Not only are they supporting our endeavors, but they have provided us with quick and efficient turn-around service, top quality products, and oh-so-important attention to detail. Here’s a snippet from their website:

Your Specialists at GoCal of California have been in the business for too many years to say out loud…call us and we will tell you 🙂 We are Your Avenue for buying quality, creative products, imprinted correctly and delivered on-time ….and of course in a rush if needed. Many of the companies and customers we work with have been with us for over 15 years +. We have won many Diamond awards for our work in the creative use of promotional items that achieved our clients’ goals. If you would like referrals…just let us know…our customers love to talk good about us. We look forward to being of service to you. We are now serviced by JR Resources since 2012. GoCal and JR are both certified WBE.

We are definitely one of their happy customers. Contact Mary Calcagno at (559)746-0370 for all of your business promotional items. Tell her “Hālau Makana” sent you!


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